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At Knibbe Automotive Repair, we are one of Calgary’s leading Independent Chrysler service and repair specialist. Our brand new state of the art workshop utilizes the latest servicing and diagnostic facilities for any Chrysler car.
All our work is carried out by our highly skilled and trained Chrysler Repairs Calgary technicians, in accordance with Chrysler’s servicing schedules and specifications. Our extensive knowledge means you can confidently ask us to undertake complex not only the servicing of your Chrysler, but also all engine diagnostic problems, engine, gearbox, suspension and brake repairs.


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Chrysler , Air Conditioning

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t cooling, Our Calgary Chrysler Air Conditioning Service can help. If your AC doesn’t keep you as cool as it used to, your system needs to be serviced. It may be experiencing low pressure and we can easily top off your coolant. If your air conditioning system is not working at all, perhaps there are other issues, the result of loose belts or leaks in the basic parts of your AC system.

Chrysler Brake Repairs Calgary

Our Chrysler Brake Repairs Calgary technicians will check both the front and rear brakes, assess the condition of the brake discs and pads and give you an accurate appraisal of when they need to be replaced. After being in business for many years, we have developed a great reputation within the automotive industry for mechanical excellence – at reasonable prices. Our investment in the latest brake diagnostic and brake repair equipment, coupled with extensive brake technician experience allows us to provide you with the highest quality brake service. As a result, we have built long term relationships with our customers.

Chrysler Cooling System Repairs Calgary

At Knibbe Automotive Repair we recommend having your coolant and radiator system professionally inspected at least once a year. If your Chrysler vehicle is over-heating or losing water you should give us a call or drop into our Chrysler Cooling System Repairs Calgary service center. Our trained Chrysler Cooling System Repairs Calgary technicians will inspect your entire cooling system and if any coolant leaks are detected, we can repair them or replace the damaged part.

Chrysler, Steering & Suspension Service Calgary

We see many customers finally coming to us after spending large amounts of money on Chrysler suspension repairs Calgary due to incorrect diagnosis and replacement of parts which were not the real cause of problem. Your Chrysler’s suspension system is comprised of several components; the main one being springs and shock absorbs. It also houses bushes, shackles, anti-sway bars, links and spacers.

Suspension contributes to the overall safe handling and braking of a car. It also creates a comfortable ride for the passengers by isolating them from road noise and vibration. The critical role of suspension is to keep the wheels in contact with the road as much as possible because traction alone is not be sufficient enough to ensure safe handling.

Chrysler Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Service Calgary

Our state of the art computerized diagnostic service will ensure that your vehicle is fault free and runs smoothly. We can instantly highlight and isolate issues with the Chrysler Engine Management system, fuel system and ignition system. Problems with the vehicle engine management, fuel & ignition systems.






Computer Diagnostic


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