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You’re certain of where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Knibbe Automotive Repair will make sure you do it all without slowing down. Whether you are in the market for tire service or replacement, our Cochrane Tire Service technicians can handle all of your tire needs.

No matter what type of vehicle you own we can supply the right tire for your application. We supply tires for passenger, 4WD and commercial vehicles. The last decade has seen a large influx of new tire brands available on the Canadian market. At our Cochrane service centre we recommend and offer some of the world’s leading tire brands. th


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Tire Pressure

Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to warn the driver when low-tire-pressure conditions exist. A sensor measures tire pressure and temperature, then transmits data to your tire pressure monitor. If the pressure in one or more of your tires is 25 percent or more below the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended cold inflation pressure for tires, a warning indication will alert the driver.

How do you know that air pressure is low or whether the TPMS has malfunctioned?

If your Tire Pressure Monitor light appears as a blinking yellow lamp for more than one minute and stays solid, then diagnostic service is needed. If your TPMS is not functioning properly, it cannot detect or signal a low-tire condition. Simply schedule an appointment with one of our Cochrane Tire Service Technicians and they can ensure your TPMS is operating properly so you can go with confidence.

Tire Rotation. Tire Service Cochrane

It’s a known fact that regular tire rotation extends the life of your tires and improves performance. Tires are rotated to achieve a uniform wear for all tires. Each tire performs different tasks (such as steering in front- versus rear-wheel drive), therefore tires wear at different rates. Your tires should be rotated every 7,500 miles to prevent irregular tire wear.

It’s important to rotate your tires according to the correct tire-rotation pattern. Doing so will prolong the life of your tires and will reduce the risk of sudden tire failure. Your front tires encounter different tasks than the rear tires. A front-wheel-drive vehicle’s tires perform different tasks than those on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

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