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Choosing a car is as much about the brand as anything else. That’s true for new cars, and even more so for pre-owned vehicles. There are brands that customers trust more than others, and they tend to start their search there. But even the best-known brands and most reliable models will need repairs from time to time. 

Ford is one of the biggest car brands in Canada, and with good reason. They’ve been around well over a hundred years, and they started right here in North America. There’s a sense of home-grown pride to owning a Ford. Whether you choose the ever popular F150, Escape, Edge, Expedition or something else, you know what to expect. Whichever one of the Ford family of cars you choose, new or used, proper servicing and maintenance is important. Regular tune ups and early fault finding can dramatically extend the life of your Ford and save you money over time. Choose us for your Ford auto service needs in Cochrane.


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Ford Air Conditioning

You probably never think about air-conditioning. Until the day it stops working. Air conditioning systems do need regular repairs and maintenance to keep working at their peak. We’ll help to ensure that your Ford air conditioning system is working perfectly and do any necessary repairs and maintenance. Our services include:

  • Service and replace the main air conditioning unit
  • Inspect the hoses and pumps to ensure proper circulation of gas
  • Check your drive belt, and replace worn or damaged parts

Ford Brake Repairs

Your brakes are often the only thing between you and an accident. So, it’s important to make sure they’re working at their peak. Bring your vehicle in for Ford brake repairs in Cochrane, or just to check that everything is in good repair. We offer a full range of services, and can help if:

  • Your brake pedal feels a little “spongy”
  • You’ve noticed noises like grinding or squealing when you are braking
  • There’s a shudder or vibration when you brake
  • It seems like the stopping distance has increased

You can book your Ford brake repairs in Cochrane by phone or online, and we’ll get the job done!

Ford Tire Service

We really know the value of good tires in Canada! That’s why we offer a full range of Ford tire services in Cochrane. Furthermore, We’ll check your tires for holes and wear. We offer tire rotation, repairs, fitting, replacement and more. In addition, we switch summer tires for winters, sell tires and rims and more! Whatever model of Ford you drive, we’ve got the right tires and the tire services you need. Keep your vehicle safely on the road, and get your tires checked today!

Ford Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Have you noticed that your car seems to be “drifting” across the lane while you’re driving? Does your steering wheel pull to one side? Or maybe your tires are wearing noticeably faster on one side than the other. These are all signs that your wheel alignment and balancing may be out. We offer quick, easy and affordable Ford wheel alignment and balancing that will improve your ride, save your tires from uneven wear, and improve your mileage!

Ford Transmission Service Cochrane

Your transmission works hard to keep all the parts of your car moving. Ford automatic transmissions are complex and delicate, so they demand expert attention. If you need your transmission checked, repaired or replaced, you’ve come to the right place. We’re your Ford transmission service experts in Cochrane!

Our Ford transmission service in Cochrane includes checking, draining and replacing transmission fluid, changing filters and more. We’ll adjust your transmission, clean your transmission pan and fit new gaskets. We’ll even test drive your Ford before you drive it out of the shop, to be sure everything is working! 






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