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You chose a Dodge for a reason. You value a true North American original. You like vehicles with power and torque, that also have the best styling on the market.

We get it. We feel the same. That’s why we’re the number one for Dodge Dodge Automotive Repairs in Cochrane.

We know that your Dodge is more than just a car to you, and we treat it the same.

Our shop is staffed with people who not only love the brand, but who have top of the line training, and years of experience keeping Rams, Durangos, Challengers and Chargers on the road, hauling loads and burning rubber.

But these are complex, high performance machines, so you need a partner who knows how to keep your car in showroom condition for years to come. Do


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Dodge Air Conditioning

Just because your Dodge was made to eat up the miles doesn’t mean you don’t want to be comfortable while you’re doing it. Regular air conditioning maintenance and routine repairs can keep you as cool as your car looks on the road.

We’re the go to shop for Dodge air-conditioning in Cochrane, and we can help with:

  • Inspections and diagnostics
  • Hose repairs and replacement
  • Re-gassing and adjustments.

Dodge Brake Repairs

Your Dodge was built for speed, but your brakes are just as important as that powerful engine when it comes to keeping you safe. Brake wear can sneak up over time, so look out for

  • Brake pedals that feel spongy when you hold them down
  • Grinding or squealing when braking
  • Longer stopping distances
  • Shuddering or jolting when braking

Our team is ready to find the problem with your brakes, and we’re fully stocked with all the parts we need for a quick and easy repair or replacement.

Dodge Tire Service

Getting the right tires on your Dodge is important. So is maintaining them. Whether you have a puncture or tear, or you’re just not sure if your tires are still good for the road, we are happy to help.

Drive your truck or car in for a Dodge tire service in Cochrane and let us inspect and report any problems we find. We sell a wide range of quality tires, but we also offer repairs, fitting. Rotation and replacement. Let’s get the best tires on your Dodge, so you can keep hugging the road.

Dodge Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Is your truck or car pulling to one side? Do you have uneven wear on your tires? Then it’s time to pay us a visit for Dodge wheel alignment and balancing in Cochrane.

When your wheels and tires aren’t lining up, they’re making your car work harder. That’s not only bad news for your tires, but for gas mileage, traction and ride comfort.

Dodge Transmission Service Cochrane

Your Dodge transmission works hard, and we work hard to keep it running at its peak.

Whether it’s a routine service, preventative maintenance or repairs and replacement, we are your go to experts for Dodge transmission service in Cochrane, including:

  • Draining and replacing transmission fluid
  • Cleaning the pan and filter
  • Adjusting the transmission
  • Inspecting and fitting pan gaskets and more

We’ll finish your Dodge transmission service or repair with a road test too, so you can be sure everything is working exactly as it should.






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