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A car is a complex mechanical machine that enables its user to travel long distances in a short amount of time. Automobiles have completely transformed how we experience our day-to-day lives from commercial interests to leisurely activities. However, vehicles require maintenance, repairs and assessments in order to function properly and ensure they’re safe for everyone on the road. And we provide the best Nissan auto repairs in Cochrane.

Our experienced technicians know how to provide you with excellent customer service. Our friendly staff will make you feel at home from minute you walk until you’re leaving with your fully repaired and functional Nissan!

Whether you’ve got an appointment for general upkeep or for a specific repair, our certified mechanics will get the job done quickly and effectively. And we won’t stop at simple “getting the job done”, we’ll make sure everything is in order and let you know of impending issues that might be coming up.

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Nissan Air Conditioning

For a comfortable driving experience, you need your air conditioner to be working. It removes humidity from your car and also clears the fog that builds up on your windows and windshield. When you bring your car in for any air conditioning issues, our technicians will get the job done right. We’ll run a thorough diagnostics on your car. That means running a UV dye through your system to determine if you’re leaking gas. Our experienced professional will carefully inspect parts such as: your condenser, compressor, hoses as well as the connections to make sure all is in order.

Nissan Brake Repairs

Brakes are vital to a functioning car. Without them, you pose a serious safety risk to yourself and others around you. Therefore, we take Nissan auto brake repairs, replacement and upkeep very seriously in Cochrane. Our mechanics can replace your brake pads, linings and take care of your hydraulics. We can even do electric hand brakes! Newer car models often have these. And without the proper tools, fixing them can be rather difficult.

Whether you’re driving a new sports car or an older classic car, we’ve got the necessary parts to replace your broken ones. Our garage is fully equipped with the right people and tools with access to any parts needed for your Nissan auto repair, Cochrane.

If your brakes are making odd sounds or aren’t working as well as they should, book an appointment now!

Nissan Tire Service

We provide Nissan, Cochrane auto tire fitting, changing and repairs. Living in two very different seasons means Canadians are quite adept at tire changes. Winter and summer tires serve us well for the respective environments. It’s important to have them changed and service regularly. With the snow and ice on our roads, being neglectful of our tires can be quite costly.

Nissan Wheel Alignment & Balancing

It’s common that with time and use, your wheels will no longer be aligned. But what does that mean? What happens is one of many of your wheels aren’t facing the right way. While these misalignments appear to be very slight to our eyes, the effects can be very obvious. For instance, they can wear out your tires faster, which means you’ll have to change them more frequently. Wheel imbalance is usually caused by bumping into a curb or a large pothole – and of course, the usual wear-and-tear.

Talk to a Cochrane wheel alignment specialist! We have the instruments needed to precisely diagnose and realign your wheels.

Nissan Transmission Service Cochrane

It’s our business to stay up-to-date with the latest vehicle technology. That includes transmission. We make sure to have access to the necessary Nissan auto parts. Whether you need a complete transmission repair job or a simple diagnostic, our technicians have got you covered.

Our staff, from customer service to the professionals fixing your car, are dedicated to providing quality service. We provide the best Nissan auto repair in Cochrane. Whether you need a simple check up or a repair, we’ve got you covered.






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