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Knibbe Automotive Repair offers professional Jeep repair services in Cochrane that are fast, affordable and best of all, reliable.

As the proud owner of Jeep, you know the value of caring for your vehicle. It’s important for your safety and that of those sharing the road with you to ensure that your vehicle is fully functional.

We’ll leave you Jeep firing on all cylinders–helping you get the most out of your vehicle.

At Knibbe Automotive Repair in Cochrane, we offer a variety of services that will leave you Jeep running like new! And it doesn’t matter what make or model that you own. Our professional mechanics are passionate about their work. So you can count on us to give you the vehicle the love it deserves.

So give us a call today, and fix your Jeep!


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Jeep Air Conditioning

A working air conditioning system is integral to a nice driving experience. And despite what you may have heard, it plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicle safe to drive. Your Jeep air conditioning system helps to filter the air, dehumidify and regulate temperatures.

We’re the best place to go for Jeep air-conditioning in Cochrane, and we can help with:

  • Inspections and diagnostics
  • Hose repairs and replacement
  • Re-gassing and adjustments.

Jeep Brake Repairs

Knibbe Automotive Repair also provides professional Jeep brake repair services in Cochrane. Ensuring that your brakes are working well is essential for your safety as well as the safety of others on the road. You can count on our mechanics to assess your brake system and ensure that it’s working perfectly!

Be sure to watch out for:

  • Brake pedals that feel spongy when you hold them down
  • Grinding or squealing when braking
  • Slower stopping power
  • Shuddering or jolting when braking

Jeep Tire Service

At Knibbe Automotive Repair Cochrane, we also provide fast and effective tire services. Whether you’re prepping for the winter or the summer, our professional mechanics are here to help! And it doesn’t matter if your tires are on rims or not–we have all of the tools needed to provide a speedy tire changing service. Additionally, we’ll assess the state of your tires and let you know if they’re still safe for the road.

So if you need some work done on your tires, Knibbe Automotive Repair is just a phone call away.

Jeep Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Part of Knibbe Automotive Repair’s automotive repairs in Cochrane includes wheel alignment and balancing services too! Is your car slowly drifting to the side? It might mean that your wheels are slightly off balance. If left unchecked, it can speed up the wear and tear process. So bring your Jeep into our shop!

We have the tools and equipment necessary to diagnose and realign your wheels. We’ll fix your wheels quickly and effectively–so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Jeep Transmission Service Cochrane

If you need some Jeep automotive transmission repairs in Cochrane Knibbe Automotive Repair has got you covered. We have years of experience working on a variety of makes and models–so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

First, we’ll run some diagnostics in order to isolate the problem. Once we know what the issue is, fixing your vehicle will be a straightforward process!

Some of transmission services include:

  • Draining and replacing transmission fluid
  • Cleaning the pan and filter
  • Adjusting the transmission
  • Inspecting and fitting pan gaskets and more






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