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Once you start driving a Lexus, switching to another car is difficult. The reason lies in this vehicle’s effective performance, which makes it irresistible. However, you will have to focus on your car’s maintenance and service to experience peak performance. Knibbe Automotive Repair promises to provide you with the most appropriate solution to your needs. We manage to offer a quality service for all types of Lexus cars. Lexus is undoubtedly one of the best brands dominating the roads in Canada. However, when you own one such car, you might need help to rely on car repair services. We understand your concern and suggest you do more than just drop your vehicle off at any service provider. Instead, opt for Knibbe Automotive Repair. Our team has the relevant skills to perform the best Lexus auto service, Cochrane.


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All Your Lexus Service Needs Under One Roof

Common problems in Lexus include the engine warning light, overheating, brake shuddering, electrical issues, or wearing tires. Moreover, you might also face issues like sticky valves, smoky exhaust, or noisy lifters. The one-stop solution to all or any of these problems is Knibbe Automotive Repair. We will cover all your Lexus service needs under one roof.

Trust us if you are looking forward to getting a fast and reliable service. We provide services for a plethora of brands. Our team assists you with the Lexus automotive service, Cochrane. We have managed to create a friendly and professional environment for all our customers. In addition to that, our team is fully licensed. Besides, we are able to quickly diagnose the problem with your vehicle on the first attempt. After you give us the go-ahead, we will fix the issue in no time, and it will be eliminated for good.

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We offer Lexus services, including tire replacement, brake repair, logbook service, air conditioning repair, wheel alignment and balancing, steering service, and more. We work by fixing your vehicle properly and on time. Moreover, our services are easy on your pocket. Therefore, we set our aim high to exceed your expectations.

For us, your safety on the road is of high importance. This is why we offer all kinds of services, including oil changes and general maintenance of tires and brakes. Our personalized customer service makes us the top choice of our clients. Furthermore, we can help you drive confidently, knowing that your car is fully optimized. Irrespective of which service you choose, our team runs a complete check on your vehicle. This way, we analyze any other existing problems in your car, if any. Get in touch with us at Knibbe Automotive to get a reliable Lexus auto service, Cochrane.

Dodge Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Is your truck or car pulling to one side? Do you have uneven wear on your tires? Then it’s time to pay us a visit for Dodge wheel alignment and balancing in Cochrane.

When your wheels and tires aren’t lining up, they’re making your car work harder. That’s not only bad news for your tires, but for gas mileage, traction and ride comfort.

Dodge Transmission Service Cochrane

Your Dodge transmission works hard, and we work hard to keep it running at its peak.

Whether it’s a routine service, preventative maintenance or repairs and replacement, we are your go to experts for Dodge transmission service in Cochrane, including:

  • Draining and replacing transmission fluid
  • Cleaning the pan and filter
  • Adjusting the transmission
  • Inspecting and fitting pan gaskets and more

We’ll finish your Dodge transmission service or repair with a road test too, so you can be sure everything is working exactly as it should.






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