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GM has been making some of the world’s most trusted brands for a long time. Over a hundred years, in fact. While some, like Oldsmobile and Saab are no longer in production, there are many that still are. Whether you own a Chrysler, Toyota, Ford or GMC, or an older brand, you want to keep them running smooth. You’ve come to the right place. We offer bumper to bumper GM repairs in Cochrane on all the most popular cars from General Motors.

New or old, high end or a budget model, we offer servicing, maintenance, and repairs. Many of our customers have been coming to us for years, and we’re always happy to help. In fact, we’ve become known for quality service, skilled technicians and mechanics, and our stock of GM parts. But don’t just call us when things go wrong! Scheduling regular servicing and tune ups for your GM will help prevent costly repairs down the road. With all the latest tools and technology on hand, we can also help with complex fault finding, and get you back on the road fast.


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GM Air Conditioning

Like most of southern Alberta, things get pretty sweaty in Cochrane in the summertime. If your air-conditioning isn’t up to the job, you’re going to have a few uncomfortable rides! Fortunately, we offer full servicing and repairs of GM air conditioning in Cochrane. Simply book your appointment before the summer really kicks in and let us take a look! GM Automotive Repairs Cochrane

We service air conditioner pumps and pipes, inspect hoses, and find leaks and will top up your gas while you wait. Got a worn belt, older parts or filters that need cleaning or replacing? We can help with those too!

GM Brake Repairs

Do your brakes feel spongy? Have they been grinding or squeaking when you try to stop? Are your brakes shuddering when you stop, or do you sometimes feel like they take longer to “take?” If your brakes aren’t getting the job done, your car is not safe. We can help:

  • Call or email to set up an appointment.
  • Our team will inspect all your brake pads, drums, and cables.
  • We’ll check your brake fluid, and make sure all your sensors are working properly. GM Automotive Repairs Cochrane

The key to staying safe on the road is being able to react when things go wrong. If there is one thing you should never wait to have checked out, it’s your brakes. As soon as you notice a problem, speak to the pros.

GM Tire Service

Need new tires? Not sure what the best choice is? We can help with our professional GM tire service in Cochrane! We’ve got a large inventory of winter tires, summer tires and all seasons. We will inspect your tires for holes and wear and fix them when we find them. We rotate your tires, fit your new ones, and even store your out of season tires when you don’t need them on your tires. Buy new rims, get a great deal on new tires and more! Call or email to find out what we can do to help you keep your GM safely on the road in any season!

GM Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Here in Alberta, we all know the value of good tires. But even the best tires can’t do the job if your wheels are out of alignment. Whether you’ve noticed strange new issues with your steering pulling to one side, or uneven wear, we can help. Our GM wheel alignment and balancing services are quick and convenient. Call ahead for a free quote and book a time to get it done when it’s convenient for you. And remember – proper wheel alignment and balancing will prolong the life of your tires!

GM Transmission Service Cochrane

Transmissions don’t get the attention that many other parts of your car do. We all know to check the oil, listen for strange noises in the engine and inspect our tires. But as long as your transmission is getting the job done quietly, it gets very little attention. The trouble is, even transmissions sometimes get a little older and have a little trouble.
Things can go wrong quickly too, and if you’ve noticed a sudden difference in how your car drives, it may be time to give us a call. Our GM transmission service in Cochrane includes everything from inspection and changing transmission fluid to full repairs and replacement. Whether you just need new gaskets or something more complex, our team can help. So, contact us to book a time slot, and let us find and fix the problem before it stops you in your tracks.






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