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When it comes to purchasing a new or a used car, most people think of brand value. Customer’s conception of renowned car brands is a major factor that determines which car make and model to buy. However, brand value can often be a very insidious thing. Regardless of the fact that all car manufacturers constantly conduct numerous safety tests and search for innovative technologies to improve vehicles’ performance, many car models are not immune to certain repair issues.

This Japanese multinational car manufacturer that has been present in the car industry for over 75 years is surely one of the most popular and reliable automotive brands worldwide and in Canada. With reputable models such as Yaris, Corolla, Prius, Camry, Highlander, Sienna, Avalon and many others, Toyota is definitely one of the industry leaders in design, comfort, quality, and safety. Nonetheless, even with all the attributes that are associated with Toyota, certain models have common faults. This is often due to irregular Toyota car service and poor maintenance, which is why it is important to conduct regular vehicle inspections.


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Toyota Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning systems in the vehicle are often ignored, until they stop working. These systems are in the need of ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Bring your Toyota to our mechanic center in Cochrane to allow our Toyota air conditioning experts perform the following maintenance checks:

Inspect whether the gas and oil is being properly circulated through the system.
Service and replace the receiver dryer.
Make sure that the drive belt is in good condition and is properly adjusted.

Toyota Brake Repairs

Brakes are a critical safety item in your vehicle so it is extremely important that your Toyota braking system is well maintained and checked regularly. Get your brake system checked immediately if:

Brake pedal sinks down when holding brakes.
Noise such as grinding or squealing is heard when using the brakes.
The vehicle takes longer to stop when applying the brakes.
When the brakes are applied you can feel vibrations.

Feel free to book a Toyota brake system check or Toyota brake Repair Cochrane service online or over the phone.

Toyota Tire Service

Tires problems can be frustrating. Knowing the signs of the problem with your tire is extremely crucial so that you can have them repaired or replaced as early as possible, ensuring that your Toyota remains safe to drive at all times. At Knibbe Automotive Repair, we specialise in tre repairs, rotation, fitting, replacement & all other Toyota automotive repairs Cochrane for all Toyota models. We also offer high-quality tires for those looking to replace their damaged tires at affordable prices.

Toyota Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Do you think that your car wheels are out of line? Are your car tires wearing on one side or bouncing? Then, it is the time to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned and balanced. At Knibbe Automotive Repair, we provide Toyota wheel balancing and Toyota alignment services that will improve gas mileage, increase traction, maximize the life of your tires, minimize tire bouncing and ensure a smoother ride.

Toyota Transmission Service Cochrane

The automatic transmission is constantly under tremendous pressure to drive the car from the power of the engine and the weight of the car. The inner workings of an automatic transmission are very complex and tend to be quite expensive to replace.

Our Toyota Transmission Service Cochrane includes: Drain & replace the auto transmission fluid, Change a transmission filter, Clean transmission pan, Carry out any necessary adjustments to the transmission, Fit a new pan gasket, Road test the vehicle for correct operation






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