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Do you live in Cocharne and need to get your Kia serviced? Knibbe Automotive Repair can help! We’re equipped with the latest tools, equipment and experience to maintain your vehicle and conduct any necessary KIA Automotive repairs Cochrane.

Reputation is not made in a single day and we are the prime example of it. We are standing tall today because of the hard-work and consistent performance delivered by our skilled KIA Automotive Repairs Cochrane technicians who have made us what we are today. We are all ears to solve your car issues by understanding all the issues which you are facing and getting you desired results. From KIA AC repairing services Cochrane to KIA log book services of your favorite KIA car. We can do anything with 100% genuine results, making us among the best KIA car repair shops in Cochrane. There will be no additional cost apart from what we have quoted and everything will be put on papers for utmost surety and confidence at both ends. You just have to visit our workshop and address your problems to our KIA Automotive Repairs Cochrane mechanics and they will do the rest with perfection.


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KIA Air Conditioning

For anyone who lives in Calgary, it requires no genius mind that a proper functioning Car AC is a necessity which everyone looks for in their car. From the daily commute to the long drive journey, nothing can beat the cool breeze in the scorching heat, especially at the time of hot summers. It is said that you need to have Kia air conditioning service once in two years. This is for maintaining its optimum performance and saving your money in the long run. Just like everything suffers when utilized in the long run, you may experience that your car AC is not as effective as it used to be earlier. Consequently, it’s time to get your Kia air conditioning repair and get it back to normal. Our Kia Air Conditioning Cochrane Technicians can diagnose all of your air conditioning issues and do the Kia Air Conditioning Cochrane repairs on KIA models.

KIA Brake Repairs

Our Kia Brake Repairs Cochrane technicians are proficient enough to complete brake repairs of any type- disc, drum, or other ones. Generally, a longer time than usual to stop after the brake is applied means that the parts have worn out and replacing. Here are some of the services we provide for our customers; KIA Auto Service Cochrane

  • Changing of brake pads as per your requirement
  • Examining the brake caliper’s and service of the slides
  • Cleaning of the disc rotors and inspection for any wearing
  • Analysis and topping up of the brake fluid
  • Checking of wheel bearings and fine-tuning as necessary
  • Testing of the on-road performance of the vehicle and checking brake operation.

KIA Tire Service

Your tires are the only things connecting you to the road, and each tire has a patch of tread about the size of your hand touching the ground at all times. High quality tires in good condition are one of the best measures you can take to get you where you need to go safely.

At Knibbe Automotive Repair our KIA tire service cochrane experts can assist you in making the right choice to suit Canadian conditions.

KIA Wheel Alignment & Balancing

A regular wheel alignment is a crucial maintenance service. New tires can be costly, but a regular wheel alignment keeps your tires in their best possible condition for a longer period, keeping you on the road longer. It will help prevent them wearing unevenly and prematurely, which will eventually impact your steering and can even result in a blowout.

KIA Transmission Service Cochrane

Keeping your transmission well maintained will save you money in the long run. Unfortunately many new car owners are told their transmission will last a lifetime: the lifetime of the warranty. Our KIA Transmission Service Cochrane team will ensure your transmission is in top shape so it’s got the best chance of lasting a lifetime.

Moreover, our Kia transmission service in Cochrane includes checking, draining and replacing transmission fluid, changing filters and more. We’ll adjust your transmission, clean your transmission pan and fit new gaskets. We’ll even test drive your Ford before you drive it out of the shop, to be sure everything is working!






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